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How Their Home Was Transformed

Hearts & Hammers volunteers helped Milton and Bernadine revitalize their home, taking on everything from painting the exterior to building a new, safer porch entry—even refreshing the landscaping. The couple chose the colors they wanted and were encouraged to be as involved as they liked with the work. The Hearts & Hammers team also provided landscaping options, and even mounted
a new clothes hanger, one of Bernadine’s favorite additions! In a single day, Milton and Bernadine’s home was restored, and they are proud to show it off to everyone.

In Their Words

“We have a hard time getting around these days. With Milton in a wheelchair and all, it was difficult to get needed repairs done. Hearts and Hammers went above and beyond to help us with our home. The volunteers were great, I couldn’t have paid someone to do a better job!” “With the combination of costs and physical labor, we just couldn’t get things done. Hearts and Hammers gave us 200%. When they left it looked just absolutely perfect. We stayed up until 1a.m. with the neighbors just admiring our home.”

-Milton and Bernadine

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