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Hearts & Hammers: touching Lives

The mission of Hearts & Hammers – Twin Cities is to provide exterior home improvement assistance for senior and disabled homeowners so that they may continue living independently.

This is accomplished by organizing teams of volunteers and providing them with the necessary leadership, expertise, resources, and materials. A typical Hearts & Hammers home requires significant exterior painting, moderate carpentry, and landscaping to restore the weatherproofing, security, and overall appearance of the home. Assistance is provided at no cost to homeowners and is completed on Program Days held twice yearly. Program Days represent the culmination of multiple activities, including home selection; Team Captain training; needs assessment; materials and resource coordination; volunteer registration; and site preparation.

Labor for Program Days is provided by teams of volunteers from Twin Cities-area businesses, professional associations, and churches. An average team consists of fifty volunteers from up to three different organizations.

Hearts & Hammers recommends that volunteering organizations make monetary or other contributions to help cover the costs associated with rehabilitating their home on Program Day. In return, Hearts & Hammers provides teams with materials and supplies, including ladders, scrapers, paint, pails, brushes, etc. Dumpsters, portable restrooms, and boom lifts (if necessary) are also provided by Hearts & Hammers for each site.

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