Hearts & Hammers Receives Cities 97 Sampler Donation

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Cities97SamplerHeart & Hammers is set to receive proceeds from the Cities 97 Sampler.

Every donation ensures that deserving senior and disabled homeowners receive the improvement assistance they need to continue living independently in their homes.

Thanks to all the music fans who bought the Cities 97 Sampler. You’re the reason they’re able to help organizations like Hearts & Hammers serve so many in our community.  

Hearts & Hammers also relies on hundreds of dedicated volunteers each year to provide labor for our home improvement program.  Local area businesses, professional associations and churches account for a majority of the volunteer teams who participate. A typical Hearts & Hammers project will accommodate 30 to 50 volunteers making Program Day a team building and/or networking opportunity for all participants. If you would like more information about putting together a volunteer team, please contact us at [email protected].


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