Dallas Homeowners Application

How to Apply:

Review our eligibility requirements to see if you qualify.

Then, complete the application below. Need assistance? Email info@heartsandhammers.org or call 651.636.0797.

Who is Eligible:

1. You must currently live in and own a single-family residence for at least 6 months within the city limits of Dallas, TX area and intend to live in this home for at least the next two years.

2. You are at least 60 years old, an individual with a disability, or a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces or their Surviving Spouse.

*Disabled Individuals under 60 yrs of age; please provide a Medical Statement of Disability with your application.

3. Your total household income (from all sources) for the previous calendar year must not exceed:

Household size (monthly / yearly income):

  • 1: $4,154 / $49,850
  • 2: $4,750 / $57,000
  • 3: $5,342 / $64,100
  • 4: $5,933 / $71,200

NOTE: Homes will be considered based on the availability of volunteers, materials, and scope of work.

What We Do:

Home improvements are limited to exterior painting and related repairs. Work may include:

  • Exterior Painting
  • Caulking/Weather-stripping
  • Repair or Partial Replacement of Damaged Siding, Fascia, or Trim
  • Accessibility Ramp
  • Railings Repair
  • Stair/Walkway Repair
  • Windows/Doors Repair
  • Gutter Repair
  • Deck/Porch Repair
  • Landscaping Renewal

The purpose of this work is to restore the character of the home and the surrounding neighborhood, improving the home’s safety and security. Volunteers do not provide any interior refurbishment, major electrical work, or plumbing services.

Unless you permit us to share contact information with other non-profit aid organizations, your application will be kept confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of evaluating the acceptability of your home for repairs or refurbishment by Hearts & Hammers.

If you have questions regarding the application process or your eligibility, please call at 651.636.0797.

Dallas Homeowner Application

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Are you a Veteran of The United States Armed Forces or Surviving Spouse?(Required)
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    Social Security (all household members)+Salaries+Rental Income+Other income= Total Gross Monthly Income
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      W2s, current social security, pension, ETC
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      House Side Exterior(Required)
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      Parts of house and garage that need painting
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      I hereby certify that I do not plan or intend to sell my home within the next two years. I certify that I have homeowner’s insurance. I confirm that, except for conditions which may be described in this application, my home and the surrounding area is a safe place for volunteers. If requested, I agree to provide financial records to verify the income listed in this application, ownership of this property and insurance. I also understand that, because this is a volunteer organization dependent on donated services, materials and funds, Hearts & Hammers, reserves the right to revoke acceptance of any home into its program for any reason at any time. I also confirm that any physically able person(s) residing in my home or visiting for the project day will work alongside Hearts & Hammers volunteers. If this waiver and release of claims is found ineffective by a court of law, then I waive all claims against Hearts & Hammers, and everyone associated with it, for property damage or personal injury to the extent that those claims are covered by any health or property insurance that I may have. I understand that the people who may work on my home are unpaid volunteers; that few (if any) of these volunteers are skilled in the building trades; and that HEARTS & HAMMERS, MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ABOUT ANY OF THE MATERIAL(S) USED OR WORK DONE BY ANYONE ON MY HOUSE. I hereby release Hearts & Hammers, and all associated with it, from all liability arising from negligence for any personal injury or property damage arising out of or relating to the work done on my house. Hearts & Hammers will make every effort to ensure homeowners satisfaction to work completed on home. I also grant Hearts & Hammers unrestricted permission to use, copy, reproduce, alter, display, distribute, publish, and/or exhibit any pictures, video or narrative in which I may be included through any means of communication whatsoever for any lawful purpose whatsoever. I further release and discharge Hearts & Hammers, from any and all claims arising out of such use or activity. In no event will Hearts & Hammers, be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Please note that, to assess your home’s suitability for our program, we reserve the right to inspect the exterior of each home and the property surrounding it. Your signature below gives us permission to inspect the exterior of your home and surrounding property. BY SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT, I/WE HEREBY CONFIRM THAT ALL INFORMATION IN THIS APPLICATION IS CORRECT AND THAT I/WE UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE STATED TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

      I agree to the above Homeowner Agreement(Required)
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